Thursday, January 6, 2011

One more thing

One thing I forgot to include in the previous post with Sporting Kansas City's Head Coach Peter Vermes. My apologies to everyone, I was a little rushed and a lot not feeling well so I missed one of my notes.

During our conversation, one of the topics we talked about was the fact that there were no signings yet this year and it was the same last year at this time. All the signing last year came later. With the exception of Omar Bravo who was signed a few months ago and Sassano that was picked up in the Re-entry Draft, Kansas City has not added anyone to the roster in this off season. For most fans that is not news. Out of that conversation came one piece of news that I thought was interesting and I had not seen anyone else reference it yet.

It seems that next year there could be some changes to the discovery rule and it looks like teams will have a lot more flexibility regarding signing those discoveries. That could move signings up earlier in the process and make it more clear what a team needs in the draft. It sounds like Vermes may have had some input on changing that process as well.

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