Friday, January 14, 2011

Peter Vermes comments on the draft

Sporting Kansas City's Manager Peter Vermes comments on players taken in the 2011 MLS Super Draft:

CJ Sapong - James Madison University - Forward - 1st round (10th overall)

We had two guys we had identified for the tenth pick, one was Sapong and one was Jalil Anibaba. So we were interested in both and both could fit. We are extremely happy with CJ. We think what he does is he fits very well into the way we play from an attack perspective. We think he has a pretty high ceiling here in this league. We walked away extremely happy with what we were able to get with that guy (Sapong). He's very explosive and extremely powerful, plays really well with his back to the goal. If you look at his stats they will tell you that he has a good goal to assist ratio which means he can do both but he really has a nose for the goal.

JT Murray - University of Louisville Defender/Mid - 2nd Round (32nd Overall)

Take into consideration that this year we have quite a few things that are going to put some pressure on us with as many guys we have playing on their National Team with Shavar, Auvray, Teal, Espinoza. We got to make sure we have some cover in those positions as well, we felt that we needed someone on the left. JT Murray's qualities are that he was a midfileder, he makes great decisions on the ball, he's very calm and as you know we play out of the back quite a bit and try to build from the back out where are outside backs need to be on the ball quite a bit. He a guy that does that part of the position really, really well. It was good to be able to get him when we did.

Konrad Warzycha - Ohio State - Midfielder 3rd Round (46th Overall)
We did pretty good with our first Dad who played MLS and then his son came out and we draft him in Teal and now with Robert Warzycha, it's the same thing. It's his son, he comes from a good lineage and we've watched him play many times in college and think he is technically and tactically very sound. He's got a great long distance shot in the midfield.

You did not take a defender in the first round as so many thought you would, do you have other plans?

It's very difficult to pick up a central defender just out of college that can have an impact right away. For us it was trying to get guys who are impact players that can come right away and help us. So we have identified more than a few guys that we are working with to try to secure that in the next 2 to 3 or 4 weeks as we move into the early part of pre-season.

Would have Anibaba been one that could have stepped in right away or at least competed for that spot?

I think he has the ability to do that, but I still think that when you bring in a young guy you are always going to have the part of the process you have to face, you are going to face rookie mistakes. I'm not saying that he's going to have that bit it's always part of the process. Even Tim Ream last year with New York. You bring those guys in and it's part of the experience that they get . For us we are trying to maybe be a little bit more, go with some more experience in those positions right now.

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