Monday, January 3, 2011

Podcast: Byline 2 Backpost 12/31/2010

The latest podcast is now available.

We discuss all the news around Sporting Kansas City and the Missouri Comets.

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Jimmy Conrad: One of only two players to have worn a Sporting Kansas City jersey. His going to Chivas is of course one of the topics we discuss.


  1. Thanks for doing this and talking Sporting, US and Comets. I have a techinical question. If I listen thru posterous, the end is always cut off. Is there a "next" page or "continue" function that I am missing. It has happened to me a couple times.

  2. @Anon - sorry about the missing portion on Posterous. That is a known issue that for some reason they can not resolve (and do not seem to care either). We need a place to host it so iTunes can grab it and that is the main reason we still use Posterous. I suggest listening thru iTunes if possible. You do not need to have an Apple product to use it.

  3. Thanks, will do in the future. I get pissed, when at the end and you guys are always talking good stuff and I get cut off.

    Thanks for doing these.

  4. Good to hear some Comets talk. Your interview with Brian Harris is really nice as well.

    Nice player.