Thursday, January 13, 2011

Q&A with C.J. Sapong

Q&A with C. J. Sapong from James Madison University. C.J. was selected in the first round (10th overall) by Sporting Kansas City.

Were you expecting to go to Kansas City?

I wasn't expecting Kansas City, I did have a very good feeling after I met with them the second day at the combine, they were the first team to contact me. The interview we had went really well, I felt really good vibes from them. Sitting down I was just trying to enjoy the experience as much as possible and take it all in. I'm not going to lie, I was taken by surprise when I was taken with the tenth pick. As soon as my name was called I was elated. I was very excited, talked with the coaches briefly and all the staff. Its sounds like we are heading in a nice new direction and it is great that I get to start my career while their starting this direction.
Some mock drafts had you being selected in the 2nd but not in the first, did that surprise you?

I didn't try to dwell on those mock drafts too much, simply because being at JMU for 4 years I did not get a lot of recognition and I tried to never dwell on it. If anything I tried to use it as motivational tool. It was exciting to see that somebody thought I was going to get picked. Coming into the combine, that was my goal, just to get picked. Getting the first round pick is just beyond my dreams right now.

Know anything about the team?

I know the rebranding, I know the stadium is opening June 9th. The playing style, I will be able to fit into that, going at defenders, attacking, attacking, having pride in your one on one capabilities. I'm going to do a lot more research, all the history on Sporting Kansa City. I'm going to eat, sleep, breathe Kansas City.

Like BBQ?

I LOVE Barbeque. Oh my God. I am going to have to check it out real quick.
How would you describe your playing style?

Explosive, strong on the ball, around the box is where I thrive. I have a nose for the goal and I play with a chip on my shoulder. I'm going to work hard and even harder in the box. Look for as lot of little tap ins and once in awhile that spectacular goal. I have that in me some times. I'm just looking forward to being on that pitch and playing for Kansas City.

You are listed as a forward at JMU, do you play any mid?

At JMU, I played out wide, I played attacking midfielder. I think that was good, I added a couple things to my game, looking for other players, getting other players involved. Also at those positions, probably the biggest thing I had to get used to was the defensive part of the game. Getting back and getting behind the ball. I think playing those positions helped set me up well, even when I'm up top I work hard playing defense. I pride myself getting a couple steals off of defenders each game.
When out wide, left or right or does it matter?

It doesn't really matter. I'm pretty good with my left foot and I like both cutting in so any side I'm on is fine for me. I like cutting in or going down the line.

Anything to say to fans?

I hope the BBQ is good and I hope you're ready to cheer, cheer your heads off when the stadium opens on June 9th.

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