Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sporting KC: first day of practice thoughts and observations

Graham Zusi's new look...

Before I head out to day 2 of practice, I wanted to post a couple photos and observations. Day 2 is fitness testing and will not be as exciting as seeing Bravo and Diop score in practice but still interesting to me.

On day 1, three teams(9 plus keepers) scrimmaged. Each team was a mix of veterans, rookies and trialists. The pace of the games was very good for the first day.

Yesterday could be subtitled "Diop game #3" - Birahim scored 3 in the scrimmages, all them were quality goals.

Omar Bravo - scored a sweet goal, looks ready and appears to be the seriously good pro they want him to be.

Kei Kamara - was ready to go, had a nice match up with Djeziri in one game, two assists to Diop.

Teal Bunbury - mid-season form already which is understandable since he has been playing and practicing with one team or another since the end of last season.

CJ Sapong - looked good, can see why they picked him. Was getting his first day nerves out of the way.

Julio Cesar Santos and Calum Butcher did not stand out. I saw Santos but never saw Butcher but he was supposedly there.

Adda Djeziri - he looked pretty good to me for the first day.

Combination of short practice and so many new faces, was unable to really focus on all the new players.

Players not there:

Sassano and Smith were rehabbing. Smith's knee, yes the same knee.

As mentioned in the Vermes interview, Omar Colley, Daniel Cyrus and Sheldon Bateau were not here and will join them in Arizona.

I know it was only 1 day and the first day at that so take all the observations here and elsewhere with a grain of salt. They all did well considering it was the first day and many did not know their team mates in the scrimmages, but it was still only one short practice session. Of course we only get a few days before they leave town to make judgments.

Adda Djeziri being chased by Kei Kamara...

Teal was the most popular interview request...

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  1. Way to go, Diop! I think he's going to have a role with this team.