Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coach Keith Tozer Clinic - interview

Coach Tozer directing drills during the clinic...

Keith Tozer, Head Coach for the US Futsal team and the Milwaukee Wave was in town to give a clinic prior to the start of the National Futsal Tournament Friday evening. For two hours he rapidly covered techniques, drills and tactics using Sporting Kansas City Juniors U-16 players to demonstrate each concept.

It was one of (if not) the best clinics I have attended. Coach Tozer's knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge to the kids in the demo and the crowd that came to watch and learn was extremely impressive.

As he ran through each drill, he built upon each previous lesson until he had kids confidently running complex drills at the end. Tozer gave variations on each tactic. He explained how to defend those tactics and then how to break those defenses.

While it was a Futsal clinic and each lesson was Futsal focused, he would also explain the benafits for outdoor players from the drills.

It was a great glimpse into why the US Futsal team has done so well over the years and why Milwaukee is always one of the best teams in MISL.

A quick talk with Coach Tozer...

Coach Tozer talking with the crowd...

Several Indoor and Futsal greats were in attendance

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