Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comets 9 - 7 Chicago Riot - 2/20/11

Byron Alvarez celebrates a goal with fans

The Comets added a rare win at home when they made a comeback in the fourth quarter. The first half was low scoring with the only scoring was both teams getting 2 point goals in the first quarter.

The second half was a little more action packed with five goals and twelve cards issued with Chicago drawing all but two of those cards.

The Comets trailed going into the fourth and the Riot scored another power play goal to go up 7-2. The Comets were awarded a penalty kick when Assadpour was pulled down/tripped in front of the goal. Byron Alvarez took the penalty and put it past Riot keeper Jeffy Richey.

The Riot ended up with a pair of two minute penalties when they received a too many men on the field penalty and then Riot head coach Jeff Kraft was carded when he came on the field to argue with the officials.

Chicago almost escaped being down two men but Vahid Assadpour scored a three point goal with two seconds left on the power play. Alvarez scored again off a restart to give the Comets the lead for the first time of the game.

The win moved Missouri into 4th place and keeps the playoff hopes alive for the Comets. The Omaha Vipers are in third place and 1 1/2 games ahead of the the Comets in the standings for the final playoff spot. The Comets next home again is against the Vipers and will be crucial if they hope to make the post season.

Byron Alvarez

Danny Waltman

Nate Houser bringing the ball up out of the back...

Vahid Assadpour's shot being blocked...

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