Friday, February 25, 2011

Comets Face Vipers in Crucial Game

Calvin posing with Comets players Vahid Assadpour and Geison Moura

Comets Host Omaha:
The Missouri Comets face the Omaha Vipers in a key matchup tonight with serious playoff implications tonight. The Comets can pull within one game of the Vipers for the third and final playoff spot.

The Vipers remaining schedule is tough. After the game tonight at Missouri, they have to play a home and home series against the second place Milwaukee Wave. Omaha has not played well since releasing their top scorer Chile Farias and their number one goalie Jose Bontti.

Missouri does not have it easy, but they do have two games against last place Chicago and the final game against Baltimore. A win would tie the series between Missouri and Omaha.

Mascot Game:
There will be a mascot game at halftime of the Comets game tonight. While the exact teams remain to be seen, they have put together quite a lineup of mascots and characters. The mascots must all love playing some soccer.

Calvin (Comets)
Dingo the Dog
Sizzle (T-Bones)
KC Wolf & Little Wolf (Chiefs)
Dexter (T Rex Kansas City restaurant)
Mongo Man
Hometown Bee
Chick Fil A Cows (Father, Mother, Brother & Sister)
Big Jay (KU)
Dollar Dog (Citizens Bank)
Willy Wolf (Great Wolf Lodge)
Scoopy the Cone (Culvers)
Coco Parrot (Coco Key)
Putty (Paradise Park)
Mac (Mavericks)
Twinkie the Kid
Fresh Freddy (Hostess)
Sauce (Famous Dave’s)
Sly the Fox (KCFX)
Funny Monkey (Funny 102.5)
Gator (Blue Springs Football)
Darth Vader
There will also be about a dozen other Star Wars characters, including Storm Troopers and Jedi Knights.

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