Monday, February 28, 2011

Comets vs Vipers: Strange call and scuffle

I mentioned in the previous post that I would cover a strange call and a scuffle in another post.

So I will...

Situation #1

First a strange call.

I watched this whole play through my camera and was confused when I heard the penalties at the end. Comets rookie Brian Harris and Viper (former KC Wizard) Chris Brunt were playing hard and fighting for position and the ball.

Harris and Brunt watch as Mirsad Dzilic and Tijani Ayegbusi fight for the ball...

Harris gets position on Brunt and the ball comes his way...

Harris and Brunt race for ball...

Brunt takes down Harris with a choke hold...

A closer look...

Harris on ground...

The official call, holding penalties for both Harris and Brunt. Now maybe I missed something. It is possible that I missed Harris holding somewhere, but shouldn't Brunt get something extra for the choke hold tackle?

Situation #2

With approximately 12 seconds left, Vipers were down and they were not coming back. Fabinho got control of the ball and held it up so the game could end. Alvarez ran through trying to get the ball to get off one more shot. Perhaps he was trying to narrow the points gap so the tie breaker would switch to the Comet favor. Maybe he did not realize the time left in the game. The result was a scuffle between the two teams. No punches were thrown that I could see but a couple Vipers kept trying to get to Alvarez.

The scrum was broken up and a few words were still being exchanged when Tijani Ayegbusi came up on Alvarez from behind and tried to choke him.

A little closer look...

Should Ayegbusi get fined? Suspended?

Should the next match be with MMA rules?


  1. MISL Referees have not had a good season. They miss a lot of calls but then at other times make stupid calls that could potentially change the outcome of a game. I am not sure how some of the Omaha players stayed in the game on Friday. Of course with some of the goofy MISL rules, maybe they don't know them all. Since when is a hand ball in the penalty box not a penalty kick?

  2. Wow, great shots. Will be curious to see what, if any, sanctions come down. Hard to ignore visual evidence like this.

  3. From my standpoint it looked like Brunt pushed Brian down and hit him in the nose or something. Brunt literally went crazy and wouldn't stop yelling. I'm really surprised that all he got was a blue card. Brian didn't deserve a blue card. Although Fabinho instigated the fight, Ayegabusi DEFINITELY finished it. It's really a shame because Byron was walking off, but Ayegabusi was not havin it! I also agree that the refs have NOT been good this season. That short one with the graying buzzed hair is possibly the worst. He misses fouls and calls STRANGE calls

  4. Grew up watching the Comets, was excited to see them back, and went to the home opener. Have not been to a game since. The magic is lost, maybe it's crap like this. It happens in every sport, but I would rather pay to see soccer skills than tough guy routines. Just sayin...

  5. @Jeff - most games have not been like this at all. The refs let if get away when an inferior team got frustrated.

    At he beginning of the year the Comets were not very good but they have steadily improved throughout the year. Give then another chance.

  6. I guess what was missed in the 1st photo was the elbo thrown by Harris which is why he got a blue card, it was a delayed blue when tj had the ball. This was before the pictures .Then when Brunt lost the ball the picture captured his frustration which resulted in a blue card for him, you must look at tape replays to see the whole play sometimes.

  7. @Anon - would love to see a video reply. Do you have a link to one?

    Like I said, I may have missed something but I still think the choke hold take down was worthy of an extra penalty.

    I did not see a delayed penalty call and if there was one, the whistle should have blown when Brian had the ball prior to the choke hold.

  8. Vipers are dirty!

  9. The Refs.are so bad they make calls in favour of the kansas team in-order to win the game,which was awful & bad. @ this level of the game it does not matter home team or not the game should be called evenly, so make sure you watched the game before ur comments, do not focus on the image they put out there for us to see,so the Vipers player can look bad. The Vipers were more better team than Comet, anytime & anyday........