Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cauldron Recording Session

Last week The Cauldron sent out an urgent request for help. They needed volunteers to help record a song or two for a new MLS App and they needed it quick. That app has not been released yet that I know of but hopefully it will be soon (before the season). I stopped by and watched, even sang a little bit. Since it was for an actual MLS app, of course the first songs needed to be Sporting Kansas City songs. I wanted to share a couple photos and the videos from that night.

The first three songs released for download:

I love Sporting Kansas City


Sporting Sporting Kansas City

Photo Gallery

There was a good crowd for short notice...

The mixing board...

Hector at the microphones...


Sporting Sporting Kansas City

Oh when the Wiz

Vamos KC Wiz

It's very simple (profanity warning)

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