Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park

Doug Ulman
LIVESTRONG is partnering with Sporting Club to name the stadium complex LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. For the duration of the agreement, a portion of all stadium revenues will go to LIVESTRONG to help them fund their advocacy work. An estimated $8-10 million with a guaranteed minimum of $7.5 million will be funded with a portion of all ticket and concession sales. The partnership will also help launch the development of local cancer survivorship services for Kansas City residents.
LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will host all of Sporting Kansas City's home games, other soccer games as well as numerous concert, festivals and other activities.

Doug Ulman - President and CEO of LIVESTRONG

"When Robb and Cliff sent us the original idea, we thought it was crazy. Literally, they sent us these brochures and had it mocked up and we thought there is no way. But Some of the best ideas are that way, you start peeling back and you start saying has this been done before. What's the potential? What can we achieve through this partnership and then we started to realize this is a great idea. That's why it took so many months to get it done. "

"We think the upside is massive, because I think there are so many ideas we have not even come up with on how to use the stadium for other events; for concerts, festivals, for cancer awareness activities. Not only the soccer games but also other activities throughout the year. "


Robb Heineman

“We're proud of Kansas City's history as a philanthropic leader and we believe that this innovative partnership continues that legacy,”

When asked if there was an upper limit to the payment that will be made to LIVESTRONG, could it go up to $100 million for example? Robb Heineman said there was no upper limit, "a rising tide lifts all boats, if it's $100 million then we will all have done well".


Peter Vermes

"I think it's incredible, especially since it has never need done before. Incredibly innovative on our organizations part. It says a lot about our ownership group and their vision about how and what they see the future being."

Robb and Doug

Some may question giving up revenue of a stadium sponsor since no other stadiums are named after a charity. Sporting Club should come out ahead in the long run. Being involved with an organization like LIVESTRONG will enhance the image of the stadium and Sporting Club in the eyes of potential performers and show organizers, making it more likely to host big events. For a headline entertainer, knowing that part of the gate and concessions will go to LIVESTRONG will make it easier for them to book a show.

This type of deal is very much a win-win scenario. Both LIVESTRONG and Sporting Club will benefit. LIVESTRONG gains additional revenue and inroads into another sport. Sporting Club gains the instant name recognition and good will that LIVESTRONG has built. Both sides get to help each other and themselves at the same time.

This is not to say that Sporting Club is not doing the altruistic thing. They are taking a risk. Sporting Club could easily take up to 2 million a year for the naming rights, move on and concentrate on other endeavors. They all seem to genuinely want to help LIVESTRONG. Robb and others mentioned that Sporting Club has dealt with cancer. It is not surprising, almost everyone has a family member or friend that has had cancer.

I said earlier that it was a Win - Win scenario for both Sporting Club and LIVESTRONG, but it is also a win for Sporting Kansas City fans specifically and Kansas City in general. They have a stadium name they can be proud of and want to say the name. While it may benefit all parties, it's not a naked money grab. It's not Pizza Hut, or Dicks, or Toyota or Sprint or any other corporate name.

It is LIVESTRONG Sporting Park...


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