Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Roster Speculation

With the need to be roster compliant coming up (maybe it already has) and the news that Jack Jewsbury was traded to Portland, I thought I would engage in some rare speculation. As I wrote this the news that Lorenz, Jones and Sapong were all signed. I was predicting they would be but it is a little late to really take credit. Dang!!

Júlio César Santos Correa
He had played in all of the preseason games up until this last weekend. All the coaches have spoke favorably about him and talked about how he has improved throughout preseason.

From the last Peter Vermes press conference

When asked if Júlio César Santos Correa was out since he did not play in the preseason games that day:

He is not out. As you know, we've been looking at quite a few guys in that position of the field and we're still making some determinations around that position. He's not out, though. We haven't solidified anything yet.

That could be interpreted many ways. My guess is that he is in process of being signed.

Milos Stojcev
My guess is that he will be signed as well. He has been playing with the first team since he showed up.

Adda Djeziri
He has played less and less and been mentioned less and less. Have heard that he was at times brilliant, and at times very mediocre. While he may be a good talent, he may not be good enough, or consistent enough to use an international spot on.

Michal Mravec
Not sure on him he got lots of playing time early but seems to not gotten as much in the last game. Is that a sign, who knows. He would use up another international spot so that hurts his chances.

Omar Colley
With International Slots in short supply, it is unknown whether he has done enough to earn a spot. He seems to have been playing well and getting time but that international label is what really matters.

Mike Jones
The team announced he was signed while I wrote this...

CJ Sapong
The team announced he was signed while I wrote this...

Scott Lorenz
The team announced he was signed while I wrote this...

Some other International Player
I would bet that there is another international player coming. Even if there is not they will probably hold at least one slot to be able to sign another attacking midfielder.

What do you all think?

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