Friday, March 11, 2011

Sporting Kansas City: Meet the Players!!

Come show Kei a warm welcome home!!
The Cauldron has arranged a Meet The New Players Night/2011 Send-Off Rally for Monday Night, March 14th. As I write this, they are on the phone arranging for more players to attend. So head down to Johnny's Tavern in Power and Light. Officially it starts at 6PM but show up when you can and say hi to some Sporting Kansas City players. I understand Kei Kamara will be there and a bunch of other players have committed to attend as well.

Doing this blog and other "media" stuff, I get to meet and talk with the players frequently. While there are a bunch of new guys that I still need to learn, all the ones I have met are great guys. This is a great chance to say hi and show them some fan support before they head out on a long, long road trip.

I plan on being there as well, please say hi if you make it.


This is the info from the Cauldron:

WE NEED THE ENTIRE SPORTING KANSAS CITY FANBASE TO SHOW! It's only 5 days before 2011 First Kick, so help the Cauldron send the boys off right!

Sporting Kansas City, come out and welcome KC's newest heroes. We want to show them the midwestern hospitality that makes us famous. As you may well know, our team is facing a road trip of odyssey proportion. That's ten straight road games in hostile environments, scrapping for points. This has never been attempted in MLS history, though some clubs have attempted 'lesser' away excursions (all waiting for their new stadium to be completed) with very little, if any, success. But where other clubs have failed, we will be ninja. At Johnny's Tavern in Power & Light, on Monday, March 14th, we're going to send off our warriors - with a Cauldron flare. It officially starts at 6pm (early birds at 3pm) and Johnny's Tavern has hooked the Cauldron up with some great deals on food and drink. Por ejemplo:

* $4 AOKC 32oz Schooners - Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light
* $4 Captain Morgan
* $3 Kamikaze
* $7.95 Steak Sandwiches
* $1/2 price any pizza - these are huge! - about $9
* $1/2 on all appetizers between 3 and 6 PM.

There is no better way to show support for the players of SKC than to be present and shower them with encouragement, nachos, and beer burps. Make no mistake, they don't just play for a paycheck, they play for us.

One last note on this event: it's also a Cauldron fund raiser. A portion from all the food and drink we tab is going right back into the Cauldron coffers. This money will be used to create you a better, brighter, and wilder Cauldron. Essentially, the money you generously spend is going to return to you in some form, be it coasters, buses, banners, or merch. We're never looking to make any sort of profit.

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