Saturday, April 9, 2011

Teal Bunbury's switch to US approved

At practice on Friday, I spoke with Teal while he was doing a photo shoot for Kansas City Fitness Magazine.

Back in early February, Sporting KC forward Teal Bunbury filed for his onetime FIFA switch from Canada to the US National Team. When Teal was asked if he had heard if the switch was official yet, he smiled and said it was. He heard last week but nobody had asked yet.

Teal said he was concerned that it might not be approved in time for the Gold Cup or at all but was happy that it came through. He hopes to be able to play in the Gold Cup this summer.

Unfortunately for Sporting Kansas City fans, that means Teal would not be available for up to a month and would miss the home opener on June 9th against Chicago. The United States is in the same group as Canada in the Gold Cup which will provide an opportunity for drama if Bunbury represents the US against his former National team. Canada will play the US on June 7th in Detroit. The US (and possibly Bunbury) will play Guadeloupe in Kansas City as part of a double header with Canada and Panama on June 14th.

Bunbury missed the first game of the season with an elbow injury but still shares the lead for league goals with three despite playing less than two games (135 minutes) .

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