Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birahim Diop interview

When Birahim Diop scores, he does it in multiples. He never seems to just get a single goal. When he gets one, start watching him. Another goal or two is almost inevitable. Last year, much to many fans shock, his first start came at striker. It was expected that he would only be a sub and most thought he would be a defensive midfielder, not a forward.

Diop scored twice and added an assist in his first start. He finished the season with a hat trick to give him five goals in just seven starts.

This year he as mostly played in the midfield in league games but last week he got to play a half as a forward when Sporting Kansas City scrimmaged the Kansas City Brass. True to form, Diop scored a pair of goals...

Birahim Diop (and friends)

I understand why some fans prefer other players to start but it is hard to root against a guy that is always smiling.

Diop going up to win a header...

One of his goals. Diop touched the ball around the keeper and slotted the ball into the goal from a narrow angle and just a ahead of a defender...


  1. @Alex - he really is a character and such a friendly guy, always smiling and loving to play.