Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SKC: Ryan Smith shopping in Spain

Last time we see Smith's name in KC? 
Last Saturday I heard that Ryan Smith was shopping himself around and was headed to a team in Spain. Since then there have been a few articles showing up hinting or outright stating that Smith is on a free transfer, that he is a free agent and can go anywhere he wants with no compensation to his current club (Sporting Kansas City).

Since then I have gotten independent corroboration that Smith is in Spain. Both sources wish to remain anonymous and I am not using the flawed information articles as sources.

When I asked team officials about this on Monday I was told that he can do what he wants as far as shopping himself around but I was emphatically reassured that Sporting KC still holds the rights to him. There is two and a half years left on his contract and for him to play anywhere Sporting KC would have to send his ITC (International Transfer Card).

I have reached out to Ryan through multiple channels to see if I could get an interview but have not heard back yet. Hopefully I can touch base with him soon and clear it all up.

Just three weeks ago Sporting KC announced that Ryan was leaving the team for the rest of the season for "Family Reasons". I know from speaking with Ryan in the past he missed his daughter greatly which is very understandable and that may have prompted him to ask to find a team closer to home.


  1. I gone through my five stages with Ryan Smith. I'm afraid Kamera is the next Ryan Smith - great dribbling but not finishing.

  2. I wish that he had simply come out publicly and said that he wanted to play closer to home. No one would fault him for that. Best of luck to him.