Friday, July 22, 2011

Three "no change's" and one interesting, player update 7-22-11

Joseph Peterson playing against Newcastle

Just wanted to pass on some player status...

Ryan Smith - No change. He needs to deal with the league if a team wants him. SKC and League on same page. No offer has come through on him as of this morning. He still is not a free agent but he is free to look. 

Stephane Auvray - No change, no comment. I still expect to never see him in Kansas City again unless he is on another MLS team or we host more Gold Cup games.  

Shavar Thomas - No change. There was some speculation circulating, including on our podcast that there may be something going on with him. He has not been at training for a few days and was not in the lineup for either the reserve game or the Newcastle game. He requested some time away and it was granted. No more details were given. He is expected back today or tomorrow.I was assured he was not in the same category as the other guys. I assume that means Smith and Auvray.

Joseph Peterson - "Interesting guy, very interesting player" was Sporting KC Manager Peter Vermes first response when I asked about him.  "We are talking to him and seeing if there is any possibilities around maybe acquiring him." He is a Haitian midfielder that was playing in Portugal. Peterson played in the reserve match and played the second half against Newcastle.  


  1. There is something going on with these guys leaving (voluntary or involuntary). It's just bizarre how no one will give a straight answer - is it performance, attitude, playing time, philosophy. The less said, the more intrigued I am:)

  2. If Auvrey's gone, why not just say so? If it's just temporary, say that. They don't have to give us the reason if it's personal. Seems awfully paranoid.