Friday, August 19, 2011

Brisket Bob a winner

Brisket Bob made his debut when Sporting KC defeated the Portland Timbers 3-1 Wednesday night. Brisket Bob was a fun parody of one of the best traditions in American Soccer, Timber Joey. Dating back to the late 1970's when Timber Jim started sawing slabs off of huge logs inside the stadium whenever a Portland player scores. Timber Joey took over in 2008 and continues slicing logs and giving the goal scorers their very own unique mementos. I would love to see some comparable tradition in Kansas City someday. It will need to grow organically and make sense for the city. Of course there is nothing more Kansas City than BBQ so it might just be that we need to keep Brisket Bob around.

I can verify that the brisket was good. That was fun, eating brisket while shooting photos from behind the goal and in front of the Cauldron is just about as good as it gets.

Brisket Bob was interviewed prior to becoming the new BBQ icon at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.

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  1. Brisket Bob Rules!!! Bring back Brisket Bob! We love Brisket. He is related to me and I rejoice for brisket. Love Julia:)