Friday, March 11, 2011

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Photos Part 2

The roof on the west side look to be complete. The clear portions of the roof have been installed.

Looking down on the roof over the supporters section

Last week, the clear portion of the roof had made it to the corner

Looking south

Looking down at the Supporters stand

View from the print media press box

One of several kitchens

One of the clubs...

Looking into the press briefing room from the club

Press briefing room...

Sporting Kansas City: Meet the Players!!

Come show Kei a warm welcome home!!
The Cauldron has arranged a Meet The New Players Night/2011 Send-Off Rally for Monday Night, March 14th. As I write this, they are on the phone arranging for more players to attend. So head down to Johnny's Tavern in Power and Light. Officially it starts at 6PM but show up when you can and say hi to some Sporting Kansas City players. I understand Kei Kamara will be there and a bunch of other players have committed to attend as well.

Doing this blog and other "media" stuff, I get to meet and talk with the players frequently. While there are a bunch of new guys that I still need to learn, all the ones I have met are great guys. This is a great chance to say hi and show them some fan support before they head out on a long, long road trip.

I plan on being there as well, please say hi if you make it.


This is the info from the Cauldron:

WE NEED THE ENTIRE SPORTING KANSAS CITY FANBASE TO SHOW! It's only 5 days before 2011 First Kick, so help the Cauldron send the boys off right!

Sporting Kansas City, come out and welcome KC's newest heroes. We want to show them the midwestern hospitality that makes us famous. As you may well know, our team is facing a road trip of odyssey proportion. That's ten straight road games in hostile environments, scrapping for points. This has never been attempted in MLS history, though some clubs have attempted 'lesser' away excursions (all waiting for their new stadium to be completed) with very little, if any, success. But where other clubs have failed, we will be ninja. At Johnny's Tavern in Power & Light, on Monday, March 14th, we're going to send off our warriors - with a Cauldron flare. It officially starts at 6pm (early birds at 3pm) and Johnny's Tavern has hooked the Cauldron up with some great deals on food and drink. Por ejemplo:

* $4 AOKC 32oz Schooners - Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light
* $4 Captain Morgan
* $3 Kamikaze
* $7.95 Steak Sandwiches
* $1/2 price any pizza - these are huge! - about $9
* $1/2 on all appetizers between 3 and 6 PM.

There is no better way to show support for the players of SKC than to be present and shower them with encouragement, nachos, and beer burps. Make no mistake, they don't just play for a paycheck, they play for us.

One last note on this event: it's also a Cauldron fund raiser. A portion from all the food and drink we tab is going right back into the Cauldron coffers. This money will be used to create you a better, brighter, and wilder Cauldron. Essentially, the money you generously spend is going to return to you in some form, be it coasters, buses, banners, or merch. We're never looking to make any sort of profit.

Podcast: Byline 2 Backpost 3/5/2011

The latest podcast is now available. We recorded this last weekend but some technical difficulties got in the way. Our apologies for it being late.

Andy Edwards of The Daily Wiz joined us. Andy, Mike and Thad talk Gold Cup, Open Cup, MLS News, Sporting KC, Jack Jewsbury, the Missouri Comets and more...

Get it from iTunes



Thanks to The Vandon Arms, a great band out of Iowa. Their latest album is The Sent Off EP and contains several soccer related songs. You can hear their music here or check them out on their Facebook page.

Jack Jewsbury playing against Manchester United

Byron Alvarez has been a scoring machine lately, here he celebrates a goal

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Photos Part 1

I toured the stadium the day before the announcement of the partnership with LIVESTRONG.

Part 2 will be coming later today...

A view of the goal area in front of the supporters section. The two round concrete pieces furthest from the stand and out in the brown gravel are the mounts for rugby posts. The two concrete mount points just at the edge of the gravel is for the front of the soccer goal. Right along the edge of the concrete is the mounts for the back of the goal and one in the center for an American Football goalpost.

A view of the goal area from the supporters section stands. The two round concrete pieces furthest from the stand and out in the brown gravel are the mounts for rugby posts. The two concrete mount points just at the edge of the gravel is for the front of the soccer goal. The mounts for the back of the goal are not visible but the one in the center for the American Football goalpost can be seen. This was taken from the top of the Supporters stand.

David Ficklin standing approximately on the end line. This was taken from the second row of the Supporters section.

Supporters Club looking at the stairs that go up and out to the top of the Supporters section.

Looking at the Supporters Club from the stairs.

The loading bay doors even have colored glass to make them look nice. Since the stadium does not really have a back side that will not be seen by the public, they are trying to make everything look nice.

The main stairs...

SubAir under soil heat and cooling system controls.

SubAir System

Hydrotherapy tubs, the wall in the back is glass so trainers can keep an eye on the tubs.

Sporting KC Locker Room, it is going to be impressive when completed.

Lots of cables. I saw multiple server rooms in the stadium. LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will be very well connected.

Racks of cables run throughout all the hallways underneath the stadium.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park

LIVESTRONG Sporting Park

Doug Ulman
LIVESTRONG is partnering with Sporting Club to name the stadium complex LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. For the duration of the agreement, a portion of all stadium revenues will go to LIVESTRONG to help them fund their advocacy work. An estimated $8-10 million with a guaranteed minimum of $7.5 million will be funded with a portion of all ticket and concession sales. The partnership will also help launch the development of local cancer survivorship services for Kansas City residents.
LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will host all of Sporting Kansas City's home games, other soccer games as well as numerous concert, festivals and other activities.

Doug Ulman - President and CEO of LIVESTRONG

"When Robb and Cliff sent us the original idea, we thought it was crazy. Literally, they sent us these brochures and had it mocked up and we thought there is no way. But Some of the best ideas are that way, you start peeling back and you start saying has this been done before. What's the potential? What can we achieve through this partnership and then we started to realize this is a great idea. That's why it took so many months to get it done. "

"We think the upside is massive, because I think there are so many ideas we have not even come up with on how to use the stadium for other events; for concerts, festivals, for cancer awareness activities. Not only the soccer games but also other activities throughout the year. "


Robb Heineman

“We're proud of Kansas City's history as a philanthropic leader and we believe that this innovative partnership continues that legacy,”

When asked if there was an upper limit to the payment that will be made to LIVESTRONG, could it go up to $100 million for example? Robb Heineman said there was no upper limit, "a rising tide lifts all boats, if it's $100 million then we will all have done well".


Peter Vermes

"I think it's incredible, especially since it has never need done before. Incredibly innovative on our organizations part. It says a lot about our ownership group and their vision about how and what they see the future being."

Robb and Doug

Some may question giving up revenue of a stadium sponsor since no other stadiums are named after a charity. Sporting Club should come out ahead in the long run. Being involved with an organization like LIVESTRONG will enhance the image of the stadium and Sporting Club in the eyes of potential performers and show organizers, making it more likely to host big events. For a headline entertainer, knowing that part of the gate and concessions will go to LIVESTRONG will make it easier for them to book a show.

This type of deal is very much a win-win scenario. Both LIVESTRONG and Sporting Club will benefit. LIVESTRONG gains additional revenue and inroads into another sport. Sporting Club gains the instant name recognition and good will that LIVESTRONG has built. Both sides get to help each other and themselves at the same time.

This is not to say that Sporting Club is not doing the altruistic thing. They are taking a risk. Sporting Club could easily take up to 2 million a year for the naming rights, move on and concentrate on other endeavors. They all seem to genuinely want to help LIVESTRONG. Robb and others mentioned that Sporting Club has dealt with cancer. It is not surprising, almost everyone has a family member or friend that has had cancer.

I said earlier that it was a Win - Win scenario for both Sporting Club and LIVESTRONG, but it is also a win for Sporting Kansas City fans specifically and Kansas City in general. They have a stadium name they can be proud of and want to say the name. While it may benefit all parties, it's not a naked money grab. It's not Pizza Hut, or Dicks, or Toyota or Sprint or any other corporate name.

It is LIVESTRONG Sporting Park...


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Livestrong Sporting Park

Comets 18 - 12 Riot 3/6/2011 Photos and interviews

The Comets defeated the Riot Sunday to take possession of the third and final playoff spot. With the exception of the third quarter when the Riot tied thescore, the Comets dominated the game.

Brian Harris getting tackled?

Byron Alvarez scored 4 times. Here he dons the headdress to celebrate...

Jeff Richey claiming he could not hear the fans...

La Barra KC let the keeper hear them...

Lucas Rodriguez put one underneath Richey...

The team celebrating Beasley's goal...

Coach Kim Roentved talks about the win and the team

Jamar Beasley talks about the game and the team

Lucas Rodriguez (and special guest Byron Alvarez)