Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo Ball at the Comets

I rarely post photos on this blog that are not mine but these are an exception. Gary Rohman is a fellow photographer that I sometimes work with and a friend. He is the team photographer for Sporting KC so many of the photos you see used in ads, posters and the website are Gary's. In addition to being a very good commercial photographer, he shoots the games and has captured some great shots.

Last year he started testing a PhotoBall for use from inside the goals. While there are already some cameras used in goals this is a little different. The design he came up with uses a full size DSLR and wide angle lens. Using the DSLR and lens allows him to get some great images that would not be possible with some of the smaller cameras.

He tested this at a Sporting KC practice and let Kei Kamara take shots on it and it survived. Recently he tested it at two Missouri Comets games and it survived direct hits in each game.

Gary agreed to let me share some images form those two games. Let me know what you think and if I should get some more shots to share.

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