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Thursday, August 18, 2011

You can't beat Jimmy Nielsen with that...

Jimmy Nielsen is so awesome he even makes saves on Omar Bravo's little bobble head...

Okay, I am sure most Sporting KC fans will have seen already that Jimmy Nielsen was hit in the face during the Portland game. The Kansas City keeper was hit in Kansas City by an object thrown from the stands. Not an away game, a home game. Freaking IDIOT BASTARD threw the head off of an Omar Bravo bobble head onto the field. Apparently there were two people from the same group, both did it but one of them hit Jimmy Nielsen in the eye.

Fortunately, Nielsen is tougher than a bobble head. I am quite sure he is tougher than the two IDIOT COWARDS that threw poor little Omar's head onto the field.

I have no idea if they meant to throw at Nielsen and it does not matter. They took actions that risked the health and well being (and career) of another human being. I would like to see them hung over the Cauldron on the "Blue Hell" banner and let fans pelt them with bobble heads, empty bbq sauce bottles or whatever else fans could creatively chuck at those idiots. Unfortunately,'s in-house legal adviser (my wife) suggested this might not be allowed. That's too bad, it would have made for an interesting photo slideshow.

I do hope they are both prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope they receive fines, jail time, community service and a lifetime ban from LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. Not just from Sporting KC games. Ban them from concerts, music festivals, farmers markets, boxing matches, rugby, lacrosse, Oktoberfest and anything and everything that might be held in or related to the stadium.  

I would like to make a proposal to all the sports teams and venues in the area. Sporting KC, the Royals, Chiefs, Comets, T-Bones, KU, MU, K-State and any other pro or collegiate team that I forgot stand together. If one team or venue bans someone for that kind of behavior, ban them from all of them.

Make it so that anyone who acts that stupid at a sporting event will find it impossible to attend another in this town. Get banned and no Arrowhead, no Kaufman, no Sprint Center, no Kansas Speedway, no Events Center and certainly no LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. Live sporting event death penalty for idiots. What do you think?

On a less serious note, what should be the punishment?

1. Let Roger Espinoza and Omar Bravo slide tackle them with referees watching until they have it down exactly how hard you can tackle without drawing a red card.

2. Put one of those soccer ball skull cap things on their heads and let Sporting KC keepers practice their punch outs?

3. Put them in goal and let Zusi, Bunbury, Sapong, Kamara and the rest of the team take shots on them. Heck let the Sporting KC Juniors in on the fun as well.

4. Let Brisket Bob make them disappear. No questions asked...

Vote in the poll on the side...

Update: Looks like they have identified one of the IDIOTS.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nielsen and Collin interviews 7/5/11

Rumor out of Portland after the last game was that after Collin scored he and Julio Cesar borrowed a couple drinks from fans next to the field. I had to ask him about that (and the game).

Last year Jimmy Nielsen took a bite out of a hot dog (or brat) that someone threw at him and then tossed it back. I thought he might have an opinion on Collin's mid-game drink and he sure did.

Aurélien Collin tossing his jersey into the crowd at the last home game.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sporting Kansas City Media Day part 2

Somehow players started interviewing players which made for some fun interviews.

Kei Kamara interviewing CJ Sapong

CJ interviewing Jimmy Nielsen

Don't forget to follow CJ on twitter. He is @BigAfrika88.

Make sure to follow @TheBackpost on twitter as well.

Sporting Kansas City Media Day part 1

I am still trying to catch up from a hectic week. Here are some of the interviews from media day last Monday. Was using a different camera so the videos are a little smaller than usual. I will have to experiment to figure out the best settings and sizes.

Davy Arnaud

Jimmy Nielsen

Teal Bunbury

Peter Vermes

Robb Heineman

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adda Djeziri interview 1/26/2011

Talked with Adda Djeziri after practice. Seems he knows the White Puma pretty well and is staying with him while he is in Kansas City.

Adda Djeziri running the beep test. Prior to losing his lunch (breakfast)...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jimmy Nielsen interview 1/25/2011

Brief chat with Jimmy Nielsen...

Jimmy did not stop this shot in a scrimmage on the first day of practice...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sporting Kansas City Coach Vermes headed to the Draft

Sporting Kansas City Technical Director and Head Coach Peter Vermes leaves town today. First stop is the US U-20 camp and then on to the MLS Combine to watch and make final evaluations on players that will be eligible in next week's MLS draft. Draft eligible players Perry Kitchen, Zarek Valentin, Zak MacMath and Omar Salgado are in the U.S. Under-20 camp and won't take part in the Combine.

This year’s Player Combine includes a few non-collegiate foreign players including midfielder Paolo Cardozo (Uruguay), forward Victor Estupinan (Ecuador), midfielder Marlon Ganchozo (Ecuador), midfielder Martin Rivas (Argentina), and midfielder John Rooney (England). Rooney is the little brother of Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney.

Vermes says that he and his staff "have probably seen 95% of the players in the combine already. The exception being the foreign guys. The foreign players are more of an experiment, the previous time it did not go so well. This time they tried to put more of a quality control around it."

While they have seen the majority of the players already Vermes explained, the combine is a chance to see them in a higher level of competition with so many good players. Confirming what they know in some cases and seeing some guys challenged a little more.

Age old draft question: Do you draft to fill a specific need or do you take the best players available?

Easy question to ask but not an easy question to answer for Coach Vermes. "With the reserve league returning, they need to add more players in different spots. It's hard to find forwards, real attacking players out of the college game. It was almost a no-brainer for us last year when Teal was still available, that we had to take Teal. Certain situations where when players are available that it is not how they fit into the team, but also who is the best talent at that time. Another piece is the Generation Adidas tag, it is huge when that guy does not hit your salary cap. You have to take into account who is available when it is your pick." Coach explained that a lot of team have targets in the draft but those targets are not always there; "that is why teams have timeouts so they can have a chance to reevaluate."

Two mock drafts have Kansas City taking UNC defender Jalil Anibaba based upon KC being thin on defense with Jimmy Conrad leaving. I have not seen mock draft be very close, have you?


Okay the answer was a lot longer than that and just about impossible to get a short enough quote to use. Suffice it to say that with all of the complexities involved, it is difficult for a mock draft to be very accurate. The people doing the mock draft do not know what free agents are preparing to sign, what trades are in negotiations and they would have to know that for all the teams. Coach Vermes also pointed out that Kansas City may not be as shorthanded as people think, "we still have Jamaican National Team Captain Shavar Thomas and Matt Besler ."

With the need to continue to develop players, does Sporting Kansas City plan on opening a Residential Academy?

They started talking about residential academies 4 years ago, "but not until the new fields near the stadium get built, but there is a lot to go into it, school and a ton of other things" Vermes explained.

With the limited number of foreign player slots, are there any more players that may be changing nationality status?

"Ryan Smith is still working on his US citizenship and is only one piece of his case away. KC would not need to use a foreign player slot on him and he would be eligible for US National team. "

Player status: I have heard that Jimmy Nielsen was re-signed but I've never seen an official statement.

"Kansas City did exercise Nielsen's option for this year."

Michael Harrington?

"We're kind of close, it is in his hands now. He and his agent need to make a decision on one last piece, so I think we are pretty close."

Luke Sassano?

"That one is really, really close. More just a formality of sending something to the league. "

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jimmy Nielsen interview - 10/11/2010

Talked with Jimmy Nielsen about the last game, wearing Pink and the one color he will not wear...

The White Puma in pink...

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Pink Puma?

As part of the effort to raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer, the Wizards and MLS W.O.R.K.S. have teamed to make the game on Saturday a little more pink.

The Wizards will have a Pink Puma in goal...

"I have never worn pink while playing but it is for a good cause so I am happy to do it." - Jimmy Nielsen

The official Jabulani game ball will be pink...

There will be auctions of game worn (pink) gear after the game. Please support the auctions and other fund raisers to help out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teal Bunbury and Jimmy Nielsen interviews - 9/24/2010

I wanted to post a couple quick interviews from Friday...

Jimmy Nielsen talks about how great the Houston game was, the fans helping keep the team going, how it is to be a goalie and watching your team try to score...

Teal talks about tying his dad's goal total as a Wizard, the fans and the extra practice he has put in...

Teal on the attack...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jimmy Nielsen interview 9/2/2010 (5th Save of the week edition)

Talked with Jimmy Nielsen after practice this week. He finds out that he won his 5th Save of the Week. We find out which save he thought was best, thoughts on the style of play in MLS, delay of game tactics and his plans for next year.

Jimmy Nielsen making a save in practice...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Podcast: Byline 2 Backpost - 8/31/2010

The latest podcast:

We discuss National team coaching, the Adidas contract, reserve league, Home Grown player signings, DUI's and still get in some actual game discussion...

Get it from iTunes



This photo has nothing to do with what we discuss but I always want to include a photo. And I really wanted to find a way to use this one...

Jimmy Nielsen ---->>> Rob Thomson

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kempin signing reaction - interviews

Some interviews to get reaction and thoughts about the Kempin signing...

Starting with Kempin himself...

Coach Parry...

Coach Pascarella is happy to have another keeper to train...

Jimmy Nielsen...

Kempin signs as Wizards first homegrown player

Jon Kempin training with the senior team

The Kansas City Wizards are the latest team to take advantage of the new Homegrown Player Rule in MLS. Jon Kempin made Wizards history when he signed his contract yesterday. Kempin plays for the Wizards Junior U18 team and would have played for Blue Valley North as a Senior. Kempin has also been part of the U18 National team.

As part of the Homegrown Player program, Kempin is considered a Generation Adidas player. Generation Adidas players are players who leave college early or skip college completely. Money is set aside for the player to attend college for up to ten years. Salary also does not count against the team salary cap.

This is a good signing for both Kansas City and Kempin. Kansas City locks in a keeper who could grow into the franchise keeper over time and adds another local face to promote the team. Kempin gets to train with the senior team, gaining experience from Jimmy Nielsen, Eric Kronberg and Coach Pascarella while facing MLS caliber players daily. He is already a mature and knowledgeable player for his age but training with the senior team will just escalate the speed of his development.

Kempin has a lot of talent but it also shows that the Wizards Juniors program is paying dividends. Credit to Coach Parry and Coach Pardo for helping to develop Kempin.

Kempin and his family happily posing with his jersey...

Kempin and some of his (now) former team mates...

Kempin and one of his new team mates (Jimmy Nielsen)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jimmy Nielsen named to the All Star team (inactive)

Jimmy Nielsen is one of seven players that were added to the All Star roster today. That brings the total to 32 to satisfy the leagues Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The other players added today were: Kasey Keller, Joel Lindpere, Robbie Rogers, Freddie Ljungberg, Fredy Montero and Conor Casey


How about Kei instead?

Kansas City Wizards 2 -1 Manchester United

Wanted to share some photos, more in the gallery...

Davy Arnaud surprises the visitors and scores on a breakaway to give the Wizards the early lead

Jimmy Nielsen watches the ball out of danger after blocking a hard shot...

Nielsen looks a little upset after Diouf tried to pull a Maradona and hand the ball in air...

Jimmy Conrad takes down Berbatov and received a straight red

Wizards Captain Davy Arnaud protesting the red card...

Jimmy guessed the wrong way and had to watch the resulting penalty kick roll in...

Auvray (and the rest of the Wizards midfield) was able to restrict Manchester United's chances until he left the game

Manchester United did give up just because it was an exhibition, they attacked and pressured the Wizards till the whistle...

Scholes shooting...

Kronberg had a good game when he came in at half and was up to every challenge

Davy looks pleased...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jimmy Nielsen wins Save of the Week (13)

Jimmy Nielsen wins his second Save of the Week for his saves against New York last Saturday. Jimmy "The White Puma" Nielsen also won for week 9 and has been nominated several times this year.

Nielsen applauding fans before the game...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jimmy Nielsen Save of the Week candidate again (week 13)

Jimmy Nielsen is up for Save of the Week again. Jimmy had a double save in the 65th minute.

Go vote!!!

Jimmy making a save against New York (not the Save of the Week save)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wizards reaction to the US win over Algeria

I talked with a few players about their thoughts and reactions from the US win over Algeria in the group stage of the World Cup.

Jack Jewsbury

Davy Arnaud

Jimmy Nielsen

Photo of Jimmy Nielsen at practice because every post deserves a photo